My HQ has gone AD and wants all of us to 'join'
They created an OU for me and I am to populate it with Users and Computers (Groups if needed)
Being an OES-Netware with eDir managing all of my users I am wondering if DSfW is an option?

If, in this scenario it is a fit for what I need to accomplish.

All of my computers now have Novell Client, authenticate and get to the OES-NW file print server for what they need.
As I understand it, my HW will be using the user names so it can eventually move us to GMAIL (Ugh, don't get me started on that)

I don't have to have a DC at my site (I understand it will be advantageous to eventually have a ReadOnlyDC so my authentication traffic doesn't have to rely/traverse the WAN.) But for now I can get by.
So I spun up a VM and had it 'join' the Domain and I am now able to 'Manage' my OU in the AD they have setup.

What I understand about DSfW i'm not sure if it is useful to me in the scenario going forward or not.
I don't have or see a need for an OES box to 'look like' AD.
again because I'm thinking I won't have AD 'at my site'

I think that instead of a Forrest environement (if I am using that right) - They (my HQ) want one big Tree and are then granting us at local sites control of our parts of the AD.

So I am just not sure how to make DSfW work for me/ show those yahoo's at HQ the power of Novell.

(I am dumbfounded at AD lack of webbased managment. I could very easily be missing something as I am honestly just getting to (forced to) play with AD now, here, in Feb of 2012. I have been blessed to be a very Happy Novell Admin for all these years, with very few headaches, I truly fear my future with have to use AD and I cannot stomach the idea of moving from Groupwise TO Gmail, such a loss. It feels everybit of re-inventing the wheel. The features/security lost in this 'upgrade' will be sorely missed)

Thanks for any thoughts you may have.