I've got an image which is currently deployed around the workplace. Recently we updated the server to ZCM 11.1 and therefore I updated the agent on the previous image, recaptured and redeployed.

I've noticed after a few weeks there are random issues occurring such as the Welcome screen freezing up. Now this did not occur on the same image, different ZCM agent version, but it is occurring now with ZCM agent 11.1. I've got all the latest updates from MS and Novell (updated Novell Client as well) but when users log into a room of 30 computers, a third of the room's computers will freeze up. Powercycling the computer and then attempting to login a second time will generally work OK.

I've gone around and logged in myself to each computer and I had a few freezing up. Eventually I got to a point where it would log in without a hitch. Two days later, staff are complaining of the computers freezing up.

I've looked through Event Viewer but did not find anything out of the ordinary. The workstations do have a DLU applied but users are set to administrators so that doesn't seem to be affecting it I don't think.

Is anyone else experiencing these issues or something similar? Any ideas on what could be causing it?