am not sure which is the best way to setup the following stuff in Groupwise:

- we need one mailbox and all mail, external and internal, to this mailbox should be received by three different users. is it best to use a distribution list or an organisational role? or maybe give proxy rights to the mailbox to the three users?

- the three users should be able to assign mails that arrive into the above mailbox to other users for follow up. maybe that can be done through a normal task? the users who the task was assigned to can reply to the incoming mail with their own name, but the user who assigned the task should be notified when the mail has been answered.

- we have implemented rules for certain users that forwards all their incoming mails to a supervisor. However, the users keep turning off the rules. Is there a way to prevent this? Server-side rules or something like that?

Any help is very appreciated.