Hey Admins,

a few weeks ago we made the upgrade from version 7.x to version 8.02.

Now I have to upgrade all the remote post offices, spreaded all over Europe. Several of them are running on the old NetWare platform. In the 7.x environment and before, the update was quite simple. Running "install.exe" in the agents folder below the software distribution directory was very easy to handle and a few minutes later the work was done.

Now Novell sends me to the mouse clicking hell ..

The setup (the upgrade) of one POA lasts lot longer and is very uncomfortable and errorpregnant, not anymore a quick task for a straight roll out. ... or, I don't find the (hidden) procedure yet.
Novell forces me to run the setup in the base folder of the SDD. I have to update my ConsoleOne Plugins .. every time I'm upgrading a POA. I have to click here, chose that, enter a path to xyz. I have either to install my CO-Plugins for the x'th time, or to transfer the huge bunch of files to the remote SDD, or both of that.

CO-Plugins are already installed on my Workstation. There is no need for the SDD on the remote side, we don't use GWCheck, we don't install remote GWIA's or MTA's, the GroupWise Client comes with ZENWorks. I only want to transfer the needed files for the SYS:System and to update my "PO_Name.poa".
Is there a way to get back to the old quick and easy distribution?

Thanks for any idea ..
Hardy alias haddoc