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    Sophos 10 Install

    I'm trying to install Sophos 10 on Windows 7. In XP, we used a batch file to push this out. I tried using dynamic administrators, but I'm thinking that isn't an issue with these installs. We just installed the server, I've got imaging working and have started converting some of our all apps. The batch file that installs Sophos 10 is

    net use v: \\\sophosupdate antivir /user:SophosUpdateMgr
    \\\SophosUpdate\CIDs\S000\SAVSCFXP\setup .exe -mng yes -crt R -user "SophosUpdateMgr" -pwd "antivir" -s -ni
    net use v: /delete

    In Windows XP, mapping the drive would keep from having to enter a username and password. Any ideas?
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