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Thread: CIFS not asking for login credentials from Ubuntu

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    CIFS not asking for login credentials from Ubuntu

    I have an OES2SP3 server setup with CIFS, and Universal password. This machine does have a replica of edirectory. The setup works from any windows machine, when I try to access the files from the network, I get a login name/password request window, type in any of my users that are on Universal password, and all works.

    On Ubuntu, however, I have the workstations automatically logging in with a generic student login, and I try to access the same cifs/smb share, it does NOT ask for a login/password and I get "unable to mount location, failed to mount windows share".

    On the server side, the log shows:
    Feb 27 09:10:06 rcds-svr2 CIFS[8220]: WARNING: AUTH: Authentication failed due to password mismatch for user , Err :-1642

    On further investigation, if I go to the location in ubuntu as follows


    it DOES ask for the password (not login name) and I can access the files.

    From the looks of things, it appears it is trying to login with my generic login.

    This does not appear to be an ubuntu issue, as I can access other samba shares and a windows server share and it DOES ask for a login/password, just not the cifs shares

    Can anyone help me get the login screens to appear?

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