Hi all,

I am currently in the position to take a closer look at buying new licenses for NOWS SBE, but I have some specific questions. So, currently we are using very recent software: OES 11, GW 2012, ZENworks 11 ... I always renewed the license using the following number 877-001575.

Now I would be in the position to purchase the following: 877-006442. My first question is, are the two licenses compatible? So am I really entitled to 10 users then? Is there way in the NCC, except the order-section, to analyse to how much users I am entitled?

And one more question. Now we are using the standardsupport. The new purchase would be priority. I know, that this is not a good idea, but what, if I would continue just abandon the priority-extras (24/7 SRs) and just use standard support on the system.

Thank you for reading!

(I will also drop a mail to novell and see, what they can tell me about it.)