I'm working with a Novell backline engineer and have been for quite a while now (weeks) on a DSfW install. Today we decided to scrap the whole thing and start over because we had a feeling that something didn't get removed from an old install back in 2012 (DSfW 1.0). I'm running on an OES11 VM and we went through the clean up TID, nuked eDir and everything. He said they have done this in the past and set it up fresh using the same machine without wiping the whole thing and setting up Linux again.

The problem we're having here is that everything looks like it's fresh and clean, but when we start the Provisioning Wizard, it remembers where we were with the last install. We have tried renaming the provisioning.xml file but it gets re-created with the same values the next time we run the wizard.

Has anyone ever tricked the wizard into starting from scratch again? If so, I would be indebted. I'm probably going to go ahead and nuke it all again tonight and build a new VM, but if I can save myself a few hours I'd love to.