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Thread: NetStorage http/1.1 Acess 403 Forbidden when using DNS Name

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    NetStorage http/1.1 Acess 403 Forbidden when using DNS Name

    Hello all, I have a peculiar problem with netstorage. When I access it on it's internal address (http://192.168.xx.4/NetStorage) Everything is great, All pane's load as they should and all objects load fine. When I visit the server with its assigned External or DNS address that points at the external address either: http://199.216.204.XX/NetStorage or http://DNSNAME/NetStorage, It reaches the page, and asks for authentication, but when it authentication proceeds, it does not load all of the objects such as the pane that has the mapped drives. I fired up wiresharek, and could immediatly see that Apache is rejecting the external IP, and the DNS, hense only part of the objects loading on the page, The DNS is performing the proper function, hence the user reaching the page, but Apache itself is rejecting the DNS/Estneral IP with the message:

    Http/1.1 403 Forbidden
    Server: Apache 2.2.3
    "You don't have permission to access the requested object. It's is either read-protected or
    not readable by the server"

    Once again this only happens when apache see's the request is coming from the external DNS or IP
    a user has full access when using the internal IP. What is really mind boggling, is that this
    server was built, at the exact same time as 26 others settings with a standardized config, and the default netstorage settings
    were chosen, all 25 others servers work with external DNS.. and I don't know why this server was configured to reject other external ip's by default...has anyone
    else had this issue, and does anyone know how to fix it? I imaging its an apache config issue..
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