Hi all,

Recently i have attached a 500G USB disk to Netware 6.5 server and then prepare to restore a large PO. but by mistake I have choosed to 'expand' the size to current pool (use NSSMU to a RAID 5/PERC) but not mount a new pool.

Then now I am not be able to retreive the partition/disk back since it is now a part of the pool. (Once you have expanded a pool, never try to shrink it again. If you delete any of the partitions belonging to a pool, NetWare will warn you that you will lose data, and then, if you proceed, it will delete ALL partitions belonging to the pool. )

I just wondering if there will be a way to get rid of the USB disk from the pool but not damaging the data/system on it? Or is there a solution for this?

there are 4 volumes in that pool. is there any suitble solution that I can get it back? Because the USB disk is on low performance and it is a risk that I am not sure how relaible it will be....

Your comment are highly appreciated, please help. thanks in advance.