Hi, we're running BorderManager3.8 SP4 on Netware 6.5 SP5 and VPN
client 3.8.11 (have also tried 3.8.12). Netware Client is 4.91SP2. We
have setup DNS and SLP addresses in the C2S VPN setup, that should be
passed to connecting VPN clients. But it's not.

VPN tunnel esstablishment works seems to be working 100%. Of cause it
is very likely that the problems is in the establishment phase, because
this must be when SLP and DNS info is passed to the client - since it
is needed before login...!!!

Performing Netware login works fine IF we manually setup a SLPDA
address in the client OR we login as a user that uses IP addresses
instead of servernames in map statements.

But if we rely on the information being passed to the client during
tunnel establishment, things doens't work and we get "8884 - Specified
server is unknown" errors during login.

So there is no doubt that we have an SLP issue and it appears that the
DNS server IP address is also not passed to the client. So using DNS
instead of SLP is not an option.


Using HOSTS file is not an option. Changing map statements to use IP
addresses is also not an option.

Other relevant info:
Running without filters on BorderManager and without firewall on client
makes no difference - which of cause it shouldn't but I testet anyway.

Any ideas are appreciated. We need to get SLP working.

// Kaastrup