First time poster here.
All of a sudden our Java installation stoppped working on some of our machines.
I think the issue is related to the MST file, but I cannot figure out what has happened to the package.

Both Java Msi and MST files are uploaded to our ZCM server.
Under the installation tab are the following steps:

1. Display Message
First a message is shown that the installation starts and please wait..

2. Install MSI
Install Parameters: /i jre1.6.0_30.msi /qn
Uninstall Parameters: /x jre1.6.0_30.msi /qn
Repair Parameters: /f jre1.6.0_30.msi /qn

3 Adding Transform Files
jre1.6.0_30_1.mst Uploaded to Content System( the file includes disable autoupdate, etc,etc)
Run as secure system user (Don't allow system to interact with desktop) is selected.

4. Display Message
message that java 6.30 has installed and is ready for use.

I have been able to run this installation as both administrator and user. Now the installation simply doesn't work everywhere anymore only on some machines. Which is strange.
I get error message: Error installing jre1.6.0_30.msi Fatal Error during installation.
I have an older package for Java version 6 update 26 which does the exact same thing 6.30 should do, and it works like a charm.

Any ideas anyone?

Anders L