Hi there

We rely on GSNW for connectivity between our windows and netware servers.

We have a service running on our windows server (Novell File Mirror), this service copies files to and from our windows and novell server like this

\\zig-gate-3\l1_scanning\ = Novell server (Lon1:\vol2:\scanning directory)

SourceFolder1 = \\zig-gate-3\l1_scanning\NSCAN\WORKFLOW\IMAGDISF
DestFolder1 = E:\services\Workflow\TRANSFER\IMAGES\IMAGDISF

SourceFolder2 = \\zig-gate-3\l1_scanning\NSCAN\WORKFLOW\IMAGDIST
DestFolder2 = E:\services\Workflow\TRANSFER\IMAGES\IMAGDIST

SourceFolder3 = \\zig-gate-3\l1_scanning\NSCAN\WORKFLOW\IMAGDIS1
DestFolder3 = E:\services\Workflow\TRANSFER\IMAGES\IMAGDIS1

SourceFolder4 = \\zig-gate-3\l1_scanning\NSCAN\WORKFLOW\IMAGDIS2
DestFolder4 = E:\services\Workflow\TRANSFER\IMAGES\IMAGDIS2

SourceFolder5 = \\zig-gate-3\l1_scanning\NSCAN\WORKFLOW\WPINDISP
DestFolder5 = E:\services\Workflow\transfer\wpindisp

SourceFolder6 = E:\services\workflow\transfer\postconv
DestFolder6 = E:\services\workflow\transfer\images\imagdisp

When the service first starts it checks to see whether it has rights to all directories and confirms that all is okay

however whenever it tries to move files from the IMAGDIST folder from novell the service breaks. All other directories continue as normal.

We use the same service for the same directories on a different server and all directories work fine so i know its not the service or the way we have setup the folder thats the problem.

I've checked the rights on GSNW and on edirectory using nwadmin32 but i can't see anything wrong

if somebody can offer me any advice it would be much aprpeciated. I'm pulling my hair out over this!