We have 6 differnt sites. At one of the sites the PC lockdown policy sometimes works.

The policy will sometimes "unapply", then apply on the same workstation a day later. Meaning one day a person will be locked down, the next day they may not be locked. Then the PC will be locked down the next day. This does not seem possible. A few months ago I verified all the workstations (25), then yesterday I was told 2 out 4 did were not locked down. It is maddening and my management is less than happy with me.

The site is mostly wireless workstations, the network seems a bit slow. The PCs are XP sp2, ZEN 7 and servers are Netware 6.5.

Any ideas on why this would happen?


As a "fix" should I put in a "gpupdate /force" in the login script?

Any ideas are welcome.

Phil J.