Hi everyone,

When the new users are added to the mobility server, the server initiates the synchronization with the mobile devices for the first use only. After that users have to manually press resync or reinitialize to get the new emails. However this does not affect the existing users on the mobility.

Here is the troubleshooting steps we already took which didn't fix the problem.

Important Notice

1. Verify that the correct settings are entered on the device including correct IP/DNS address of the mobility server, SSL enablement and the correct userid and password.
2. Verify that LDAP server is working by querying the mobility application interface log(s).
From the mobility server:

cd /var/log/datasync/connectors
grep "Can't contact LDAP server" default.pipeline1.mobility-AppInterface.log | head
3. Verify that users are not affected by a password change or incorrect password.
From the mobility server:

cd /var/log/datasync/connectors
grep -i <username> default.pipeline1.mobility-AppInterface.log | egrep 'ldap_authenticate|LDAP authentication problem'
have the user do the following from a browser:
Go to https://<ip address of mobility server>:8120
Have them log in with their LDAP credentials
4. Verify that the device is using cellular connection and not switch to wi-fi connection during synchronization.
5. Try increasing the number of Idle Threads of mobility connector.
6. Try resync, reinitialize, delete/re-add user.
7. Try to set up mobility again by reapplied in the configuration wizard