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Thread: Zenworks 11 Satellite server - Replication bundles

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    Zenworks 11 Satellite server - Replication bundles


    On this moment we have 1 ZCM 11 server. I consider the use of a satellite server for our branch office, but I have a question about the replication of the bundles.

    Most of our bundles are using network msi's, which are stored on our fileserver of the main domain. When I install the satellite sever in our branch office and configure the content role with bundle replication, are the network msi's also replicated to this satellite server, or does the bundles still point to the network location on the main domain. If the msi's aren't replicated, it can still cause a lot of traffic when a user in the branch office install a bundle. It will get the msi through a slow connection.

    So, what bundle data is replicated to the satellite server?

    Thanks in advanced.
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