I have a GroupWise 8 server that is running SLES10.2 with OES 2.0.1 (patchlevel 1) and it needs to be made ready for GW2012 which means upgrading it to either 10.4 or 11.
The only thing the server does besides GW is act as a non Novell dns server and run ndsd with a local replica.

What would be a proven path to get this server up to date ? My guts is telling me just to decommission the server to prevent future conflics, backup the GW database and do a clean install of SLES 11, maybe even temp abuse another server to host our GW for a bit. (specs wise this is still one of our top servers so it'll have to run GW again one way or another :-))
But this is mostly because I've never really done a proper upgrade with SLES10.2 nor OES2sp1.