I get the following error on the client when attempting to establish a
vpn connection:
An error was reported by the IKE application
No matching authentication rul for the user certificate. Check with your
My authentication rule is:
users: specified list
authentication: Certificate
Action: Allow
I defined a user list and selected the one user I'm attempting to
authenticate. For that user I exported their cerificate and placed it in
the appropriate directory on the client so that I may select it in
configuration of the client.
I'm running on nw 6.5, sp5. BM3.8sp4 with the latest addon sp's since
sp4. I'm also running the latest BM VPN client.
Is there any documentation on getting client to site vpn working with
Bordermanager besides what's on novell.com/documentation? Novell's doc's
seem unusually poor on this topic.

Any help is greatly appreciated,