I have a OES2 SP3 running on SLES 10 (x86_64) patchlevel 3.
I have 2 issues;

1) - I have my lease time set at the server level for 1 day. I have observed the following behavior. When I look through the DHCP IP addresses, I see that PC's are getting the 1 day lease as expected, but ANY mobile device is still getting a 3 day lease. I have no idea why? I can renew them all day long and they still will get 3 day leases.

2) - If you look on this same server at the lease time, the times are all exactly 5 hrs in the future (start and end). I have checked the time server, the time zone and the time on the server. All are correct. I have "Local time" checked in the time zone. I do not quite understand the difference between the "Local" and "UTC" time setting. The NTP server is in sync also.

There are no other DHCP servers on the network either.

I am baffled by both of these behaviors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- Patrick