I have NetStorage working on a SLES 10 SP4 OES2 SP3 server here and I had a few quick questions. Everything seems to be working good, I just wanted some information regarding some settings in the configuration in iManager.

1. Under File Access (Netstorage), If I look under Current sessions I see 10 Daemon instances with Anonymous and Admin logged into each one. Is this normal? I was just wondering because this uses 21 current sessions right from the start. If it is normal what are these sessions?

2. If I am under Netstorage Statistics it shows the Max Concurrent Sessions. Where can I change this setting? When I restart NetStorage it starts this at 23. I do see it increase as people log on. Is that normal? If I can change this setting I just want to set this higher.

3. I am able to click on download and download the file to my local machine, edit it, and then upload it back up. Now if I create a brand new document on my local machine (this would be a file that never was on my network drive) and want to upload that, is that possible? I tried this and it won't let me upload anything unless the file is already on the network drive.

Thanks for any information. I am just starting with NetStorage and am just trying to get a handle on it.