I set up a vpn using:

Server : Nw65sp4 and BM3.8 sp4.
VPN server
2 NIC; 1 public
1 private

Static and dynamic NAT and a static nat to the private address on itself.
Dynamic NAT to pass thru = on
Ip packet forwarding is enabled

I have configured a Client to Site VPN, using iManager
My VPN tunnel is /
The address pool is /

I can authenticate and login to a novell server using the VPN client.
Able start NAL, the applications work.
The problem is that as soon as the VPN connection is up, I loose my
internet connection.
In iManager I also set up the dns servers, but that doesn't seem to be the
problem because
I can't even ping to external ip addresses.

I hope someone can help me out,