I am able to apply DLU Policy to a Windows XP machine w/v4.91SP5 client *IF* I chose the workstation domain in the Windows tab of the advanced dialog, and *NOT* apply the DLU policy if I select the AD domain. This conditional policy relies on the following registry values:
If I choose to login to the Domain, DomainLogin=1 and thus the DLU policy does *NOT* apply; alternatively, if I login to the workstation instead of the domain, DomainLogin=0 and thus the DLU policy *DOES* apply. This is working as designed and is wonderful.

However, this same policy for a Windows 7 machine w/Novell Client v2 SP2 (IR1) does not work; the DLU policy is applied whether I login to the domain or not. I note that the dependent registry key noted above does not exist on Windows 7. Even if I manually create the key/values, they do not get populated accordingly, allowing me to have the condition DLU policy.

Given the path of the registry key, I assume these values are the ZCM Agent's responsibility. However, since both the WinXP and Win7 machines have the same ZCM agent, but different Novell clients, it suggests it's the Novell client that should be modifying these values. However, it seems unlikely that the Novell client would have anything to do with a registry key under Novell\ZCM\ZenLgn.

So, either there is a bug in the Novell client, ZCM client, or I am missing some required configuration/registry entry for my Win7 machines. I'm desparate to get this working.

ZCM 11.1 SP1 (Agent v11.1.0.12959)