I've got an OES2 server that's been running fine for about a year now. It is an HP with a 4-port NIC in it. Up to now, I've only had one of the ports configured and in use, and it's been working fine. However, I've decided to put in a second network to run my nightly backup jobs on, so I configured one of the other ports yesterday and hooked it to the backup network.

From the OES2 server, I can ping other machines on the backup network, and can even ssh into them, but I can't connect using telnet, ftp, or rsync. For those three, I get a "no route to host" error. I've checked iptables, and all of the chains are completely empty (iptables -L -n). I've run "yast firewall" and it says the firewall is not started. The route command shows that the kernel knows how to get to that network on the proper NIC (plus I can ping and ssh).

I'm guessing I'm missing something really basic here, I'm just not sure what. Why can I ping and ssh but can't connect via rsync/telnet/ftp? Is there something besides the firewall/iptables that would block that (like an app-specific firewall)? I can telnet and ftp and rsync just fine on the original network, just not on this new backup network. I did reboot the server last night, just to make sure something wasn't "hung". I also put another of my OES2 servers on the backup network and it's doing the same thing - saying "no route to host" even though it can ping and SSH.

Any suggestions of where to start looking are much appreciated.