I am working with a customer who I am helping to migrate from NetWare 6.5 SP8 to OES 2 SP3. The customer has an iSCSI SAN (HP/Lefthand) where all non-SYS NSS volumes live. SYS volumes are on local storage. They want to make the file system migration easy by unmounting the NSS pools/volumes on the source server and remounting on the destination. Of course, this would be done by disconnecting the NetWare iSCSI software initiator and reconnecting software initiator on SLES. I've done this before, but only when there is a single LUN per NSS pool, with no extents.

Question 1: Are there any considerations when there are multiple extents per LUN? I'm assuming not. Its all part of the same LUN, so it shouldn't be an issue.

Question 2: I've noticed that some NSS pools have multiple LUNs. Is that okay as long as the other LUN can move over? Do they need to be mounted in a certain order or anything? Or how does the OS figure that out?

Question 3: On some of these with multiple LUNs, it looks like somebody may have gotten things mixed up. Let's say LUN1 is used for POOL1, and LUN2 is used for POOL2. It looks like LUN1 was extended, but the extent was used on POOL2. So LUN1 has extents on both POOL1 and POOL2. Can I move LUN1 and LUN2 over to destination server and both POOL1 and POOL2 will remount correct? And what happens if you don't want to move both pools to the same server?

Question 4: And what if POOL3 was on LUN3, but then LUN3 was extended and used to expand a local disk SYS volume. So LUN3 has an extent on a data NSS volume (which will need to be migrated), but also has part of the SYS volume (which shouldn't/can't move). What happens with that?

I'm not a storage expert, but would appreciate any assistance anyone can provide!