I am able to get through the I-manager setup of the site to site master VPN server. I am also able to create a slave server which is currently a LINKSYS VPN router at my home. All the steps in the wizard go smooth as silk with no errors and I have triple checked all the settings and they are by the book .

I clicked okay and saved the configuration, and I have clicked the synchronization button.

When I tested the connection with my router, I can't connect:

2006-10-12 10:16:15 IKE[1] Tx >> MM_I1 : 65.xxx.230.122 SA -----(I put the XXX in)
Over and over.

So I got the Novell remote manager and see this:

Member Name Type IP Address Status


So even though, in I-Manager, it's telling me that all is good, the configuration is not getting pushed out apparently.

Any ideas on this situation?

(xxx added for obvious reasons)