Hi all,

I`m new to Suse Linux (SLES10sp4 OES2sp3) and would appreciate help in installing the latest HP support pack for my DL380G7 server.
I have run the hp smart update manager (downloaded support pack from website) only to be told that the:

Tools to build source rpms are unavailable on this system.

kernel-source rpm package
/usr/bin/gcc tool

I have read that there are dependencies on these for rebuilding the NIC drivers and iSCSI.
Plus I have tried to install the SCSI updates eg U320, Smart Array Controller drivers and these have failed due to the server having an updated kernal higher then that supported by the rpm`s I have ( highest supported by the hp pack is *-0.85.1

What does one do when all this happens - seem a pain
and where do I get these missing build files?