Hi all,

I`m testing an environment where I have a SLES10SP4 OES2SP3 box on a new DL380G7 HP Proliant server. I am wanting to migrate from a MS 2003R2 printing solution as the iPrint Maps really help in our situation, we are a full AD network so there is no novell client etc.

However I am finding that printing can take up to twice as long to achieve as compared to the same job being sent through the MS2003 server.

My observations are using the same pdf for both comparisons:

Printing to the MS 2k3 server hit print button at 12:06:00 goes to server spooler 12:06:06 starts spooling to 7mb approx and printer receives the job at 12:06:20 and starts printing while server is finishing spooling.
Printing to the SLES iPrint server hit print button at 12:08:00 as seen in SLES spooling location in at 12:08:11 spools all the way to 20mb at 12:08:29 it starts spooling into the iPrint Managers Print agent joblist and spools a further 7mb then can be heard being received by the printer and finished sending 11 secs later.

So it seems to spool all the way on the SLES box before moving onto the PA joblist where it spools a little more and starts printing while it continues.
Compared to the MS 2k3 server SLES is an extra step which to me is why it takes so long.

Is this normal iPrint behaviour on SLES, can it be made to start sending data to the PA joblist while still spooling? Are there any settings I should be changing.

Thanks in advanced.