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Thread: SLES 11 and MAC Authentication using FreeRADIUS

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    SLES 11 and MAC Authentication using FreeRADIUS

    This is our first attempt at this. Not sure if this is the correct forum. We have a SLES 11 server. We are running FreeRadius FreeRADIUS Version 2.1.1, for host i686-suse-linux-gnu. We are testing just one Cisco WAP 4410N with a Lenovo laptop. All of our WAPs are Cisco 4410N. This is our first attempt at a Radius server. We are attempting to have users authenticate to our wireless network only by using their devices MAC address. This is for a Bring Your Own Device program for our school district. This program would allow students and teachers to bring their personal devices to school and attach to our network. We cannot install anything on their devices and need control over what devices connect. Once connected they would be subject to our Internet filter applicance.

    We have been following the website http://wiki.freeradius.org/Mac-Auth#Plain+Mac-Auth.

    We have made all the adjustments suggested in the website. We have created the file authorized_macs. At this time we have only one MAC address in this file. In our clients.conf file we have entered the following:

    client {
    secret = xxxxxxxx
    shortname =
    nastype = cisco

    This is the IP address of our WAP. We have configured the WAP under the Wireless section:
    Basic Setting SSID = RADIUS TEST SSID broadcast enabled
    Security currently disabled
    Connection Control set to RADIUS with the IP address of the server and the secret question.

    On the server in a terminal session we run /usr/sbin/radiusd -X. Which executes without any errors. When the laptop attempt to connect it times out and no meesage appear in the terminal session on the server. Obviously the laptop is not connected.

    We have also attempted to connect by adding the following to the clients.conf file with no luck.
    client {
    secret = xxxxxxx
    shortname = KAHS

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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