I started making a new image for my windows 7 SP1 computers. I got the lastest client 2 SP2. It installs fine but when i login i get a message in the results windows saying "LOGIN-LGNWNT32-240: This utility was unable to open script file \\superman\vol1\pub\map.txt.". I have no issues at all on SP1 IR9a. I get the error with a fresh install or an upgrade from SP1. Also very rarelyI3 times so far out of maybe 30 or 40 tries) the script will run but attempts after that will fail. Tried this on a couple different computers. Other then that the only thing that is running is Zenworks 11 SP2 RC1 client. We have also tried a couple times without the client and still no success. Anyone have any ideas on this? is there even a compelling reason to move on to SP2.