PureFTP on my OES 2sp3 server stopped working. I upgraded it from sp2 to
sp3 last week but I don't know if it failed exactly then or a few days later
or what.

LUM appears to be working. I can "id testuserid" and also "su - testuserid"
just fine. I've read lots of TIDs on namcd, nscd, and so on and think I've
ruled out all the easy answers. The server is configured to use itself as
an LDAP source and I can connect to it just fine on ports 389 and 636. I've
gone through OES Install and Configure a couple times, making minor changes
to get it to re-write the config. Another server with a very similar config
still works after the OES 2 sp3 upgrade. The cert doesn't expire until
2014. I added a new LUM user to that same group, no go. I even deleted the
Unix workstation object, re-created it, and still no-go.

What to check next? Here's some log snippets:

Mar 2 12:20:04 ump-server3 pure-ftpd: (?@ [INFO] New connection
Mar 2 12:20:08 ump-server3 pure-ftpd: (?@ [DEBUG]
UserFDNfromUID: User FDN: cn=testuserid,ou=users,o=ump, UID: 600
Mar 2 12:20:08 ump-server3 pure-ftpd: (?@ [DEBUG] nwlogin -u
cn=testuserid.ou=users.o=ump uid 600 context ou=users.o=ump
Mar 2 12:20:58 ump-server3 pure-ftpd: (?@ [ERROR] Failed to
perform authentication. Error: Cannot perform login: The system could not
log you into the network. Make sure that the name and connection information
are correct, then type your password again.
Mar 2 12:20:58 ump-server3 pure-ftpd: (?@ [ERROR] User
authentication status: 2
Mar 2 12:20:58 ump-server3 pure-ftpd: (?@ [WARNING]
Authentication failed for user [testuserid]

Todd Bowman
Senior Network Analyst
University of Minnesota Physicians