I am very green here so please go easy on me.

I have a Novell 3.12 WAN on 50 mile dedicated T1.
I have a DOS 6.22 workstation I would like to make available over the
internet for remote control.
I have tested a shareware procuct called TINY remote control that works
great with TCPIP inside our WAN.
Our internet feeds into a router before entering our WAN lines.

The problem is that when outside our WAN I can't tell TINY how to get
through our router to the IP of the workstation I want.

I don't understand VPNs very well.

If I put a VPN router in place of our internet router can I send a ping
from an outside machine to a specific IP inside our WAN with only 1
address (which is all TINYlets me do)

If so what product would you recomend....... if you can recomend

Don't you just love
teaching the same things over and over to an endless supply of

Thanks Mike