Hello everyone.

Im trying to find out some answers about this topic because there are several articles, threads, papers, etc., that explain how policy management works and how far ZENworks can go to manage them to a certain point and then the recommendation to move to AD GPO Management starts.

My main concern is with the Workstation migration, from WIN XP to WIN 7, and the policy Management. As always there are those who stand by Microsoft AD's and those who stand by ZENworks.

The settings currently are: ZENworks ZCM v11.x on OES v11. MS Windows 2003 SP2 with AD.

MS Windows guys obviously argue about that GPOs are best managed through AD's GPO tool and Novell ZENworks guys explain that GPOs can be managed through the ZENCC by importing them from files that might be created in a sample win 7 workstation and exported as a .reg.

Could someone help out as to the extent that ZENworks could manage GPOs and where it falls short that AD is required or needed?... I understand that the well known "It Depends" comes to order... but could someone share their experience where the "It depends" comes into play...?

Hopefully I was able to send the message clearly!!!