I'm experiencing some problems with my s2s vpn setup,
I configured the servers in the same edirectory.

Both server are equipped with 2 network cards.

server 1 private
server 2 private

server 1 public
server 2 public

i installed the 2 servers in the same nds by adding ipx support to the
private interface.

Server 1 is the master vpn server 2 the slave
i configured them with craig johnsons bordermanager guide.

The vpn is working it connects and i can ping from server 1 to server 2's
private and tunnel address and vise versa.

but the thing is i cannot ping to server 2 and browse to it from my
workstation on server 1's private network and vise versa.

if i re-enable ipx support on my client i'm able to browse server 2.

does anyone know how get it to work with ip only, strange thing is i
disabled ipx and the ip tunnel comes up just perfectly but can only ping
from server to server and not from the workstation.

Best regards

Niels van der Greef