Just a TAD behind the curve, we have recently upgraded to GW8.0.2 and I encounter a couple of new behaviors which raise a few questions. I have two NW 6.5 servers, one of which is dedicated to running all of the GW functions except for QF Indexing. The second server is running a second dedicated indexing POA.

1. Since GW8 was installed I notice that in the Client I see a new message appearing on the status line quite often saying Updating Archive QuickFInder Indexes. Is that activity being performed by the client alone? Or does the GW8 POA have a role?

2. The indexing post office is generating lots of 8925 - Connection refused messages relating to DCA activity. Indexing does run to completion, but it takes much longer to do than before, and I depend on good indexes for good performance. With what is the DCA having trouble connecting? And what needs to be adjusted? The two servers are on the same net and in communication with each other.

3. Other threads have indicated that on a NW platform I am not getting much benefit out of the DCA anyway, and so I should just turn it off with the /nodca switch--which I have now done at least in the short term. What actual functionality do I get with the DCA on this platform?

Many thanks,