We have a couple of Samsung Galaxy tablets (GT-P6810 running android 3.2) that we are trying to sync with Groupwise.
Our server works fine for other devices (iPhones and an Android 2.2 phone).
I've tried to setup the Exchange accounts on the devices using the same settings as on an Android phone that does work (it's running version 3.1) but it always fails.
I have used an ip address for the server as well as the FQDN & have made sure that the device can connect to the Data Sync Web Admin GUI so I know it can communicate with the server to that extent.
I've turned on logging and set the log level to Debug, also enabled logging for the test user I'm playing with on this device but I can't see any evidence of the device trying to connect in the log files.
I'm wondering what log files I ought to be seeing some activity/errors in when I set up the "Exchange" account on the tablet and try to connect?

The server was running Data Synchronizer Version 1.2.0, but I upgraded on the weekend to 1.2.2 Build 794 to see if that helped with the tablet problem - but it made no difference at all.