We recently upgraded our environment to 10.3.4. We are pushing out our image with NO agent in them at all and having the agent install as part of the sysprep process.

If we have a 10.3.3 machine that allows the server to upgrade it to 10.3.4 we have no issues.

If we roll out the 10.3.4 agent as part of our sysprep process - the user cannot log into Zenworks You get a "credentials are incorrect" message. After troubleshooting, we found that the Casa needed to be uninstalled and reinstalled. If we do this, all works great.

Our issue is that as part of the sysprep process, we cannot get the casa fix to run. Have tried to use the Start /Wait command, but doesn't appear to work with the zen Preagent executable (it sees it as finishing right away while all the individual MSIs are installing). Have tried to have the batch file loop until it sees one of the last files that gets installed, but it seems like such a repetitive loop is causing problems. Have even tried to put a 'run once' item in the registry and have sysprep reboot the system twice, however, the run once runs while the zen agent is still installing. Thought about putting a loop in the system to wait 5 minutes and then check for the instance of a file that gets installed, but have a feeling that such a loop will do the same thing that my other loop had done.

Hoping somebody has somne creative ideas either to 'band-aid' my problem and help with a utility or batch file syntax that may help - or with a better solution to the core problem, which is rebuilding my ZenPreagent executable with a casa that won't get corrupt. I know that there are parameters to run the executable in buildtime mode, but can't find any information on doing this other than to 'contact novell support'.

Thank you in advance,

Nick LaTronica
East Brunswick Public Schools