We are about to deploy ~800 ZENworks-Agents V 11.1 to our workstations with Windows XP SP3 and Novell Client 4.91 SP5 for Windows (IR1).
At the most workstations all is O.K., but we have in the moment about 25 workstations, where the ZENworks-Login-Windows appears after the Novell-Login-Window.

There is no Login possible. We get the error message "Anmeldung beim Netzwerk nicht möglich, da die Anmeldedaten oder das
Serverzertifikat falsch bzw. ungültig sind."

The Login with the same username and password are correct at other workstation with Windows XP SP3.

After deinstallation and new installation, the error is the same . We also have tried "AgentCleanup.exe", but the error is the same.

Can us help somewhere?