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Thread: iPrint Bundle to install printers with "Run as Admin.."

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    iPrint Bundle to install printers with "Run as Admin.."


    Today I have created a Windows Bundle launching URL "http://iprintserver/ipp" to install printers over Application Window (NALWIN).
    URL is launching fine but if I would like to install any printers administrative rights are needed (Close Internet Explorer and "Run as Administrator" again!)

    Next I tried another way and created a new bundle as a simple application, launching C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe with command line parameter "http://iprintserver/ipp" and advanced option "Run as dynamic administrator". Now, if I launch this bundle in Application Window nothing happened, although I checked the correct displayed version. Iexplore.exe is running in processes too.

    What's wrong there?
    Any ideas or another workaround to install a bundle directly launching with administrative rights?

    ZCM Version

    Thanks for help!
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