Hey guys,

I'm having to upgrade our 3 node cluster tonight, and I just wanted to make sure I have everything covered. We are running a pretty old patch level, because its in our cluster i've always taken a "if it aint broke, don't fix it approach" but we need some of the features of OES2 SP3 now.

I just want to make sure i've got the order right and if anyone is aware of any pitfalls I should know about.

1. I'm going to cluster leave one of the nodes.
2. Apply the remaining patches for both sles 10 sp2 and oes2 sp2
3. Reboot the box
4. make sure it hasn't rejoined the cluster
5. Upgrade to sles 10 sp3 from the media
6. Fully patch sles
7. reboot
8. Upgrade to sles 10 sp4 from the media
9. reboot
10. Upgrade to oes2 sp3 from the media

Does that all sound ok, I've read the upgrade document, but I'm not sure how the cluster would cope with nodes on different service packs, or if there is anything special I need to do with them. I'm planning to take the whole lot down tonight, do one node at a time, and make sure cluster services can all load on a single node once they are patched, and then when i'm happy with that, bring all the nodes up together, and check things like failover are still working.

What do you guys think, does that all sound ok?