I have a box that I can't figure out how to remove or reinstall the agent. If I run the agent removal tool, it says the agent is not installed even though there is a ZCM icon in the task bar and all the files appear to be in the %zenworks_home% directory. If I try to uninstall it through Add/Remove programs it says that the registration data can't determined and has in the address bar and "next" is grayed out so I can't get anywhere there either. If I reinstall the agent, it gets to 100% during the install and then sits there forever. This all started when I pushed out the update for 11.1a.

Is there anything else I can try to fix this machine or should I just reimage it? It is also our Kaspersky Administration box so I'd rather not have to reimage the machine if possible. Otherwise I would reimage and not worry about it.