We have put out 3 new SLES10SP4 OES2SP3 servers in our Tree. Our Tree is a combination of SLES10SP4 OES2SP3, SLES10SP2, OES2SP2, Netware 6.5SP7. We are in the process of migrating our Netware 6.5SP7 servers. We are only having intermittent issues with the workstations on 1 of the servers. The workstation periodically looses NMAS Authentication and drive mappings to that server become disconnected. We have verified our SLP is working. We can log on via SSH to the server and perform pings to the 2 IP addresses on the server, so the server is operational. We are using Strong Passwords in our Tree. Sometimes the workstations will reconnect, other times, we have to have the user reboot the workstation. The server has a read\write of all the replicas in the TREE due to people from remote sites having to log onto it. All the workstations are XP version 2002 SP3 with the latest security patches from Microsoft. The clients range from 4.91SP2, 4.91SP5 and 4.91SP5(IR1) - that's my workstation and I'm having the issue. I have watched the Novell Connections on my workstation and have seen it go from logged in on the problem server to N/A. When that happens, can't get to the mapped drives for that server. We are not having this problem with any workstation that connects to the other 2 SLES10SP4 OES2SP3 servers. All 3 servers were built exactly the same (blade environment) and have all the latest patches from Novell. We are stumped. Has anyone seen this?