Not sure if this is the place for this, but here's some features I would like to see in upcoming version of Zenworks.

1- Ability to schedule Imaging work, with wake-on-lan, etc. Something that will flag the workstation, wake-up, image, in a friendly way. We acheive this now, but by using third party software.

2- Ability to have the Image Safe Data of a worksation in the ZCC. Last time it was imaged, what image was pull down, etc. Can't get this info easily in ZCC.

3- A nice way to shutdown workstation at night, via a schedule. We acheive this with a bundle, with assignements, but it woul be nice if this could be integrated in ZCC.

Am I the only one who think this? Or maybe I missed something that already do the job?!

Well...that's it for now. SP2 is doing already a much better job, even in Beta!! So thanks anyway... ;-)