Posting this here in case anyone else runs into this and it took me some tinkering to figure it out.

I was busy installing a 2nd DSFW server and ran into a named error during the provisioning where it would start successfully but fail in the 'is it really running' check.
When manually starting novell-named it gives a successful start but then exits after a second or so.
When checking /etc/opt/novell/named/ it turned out that there was no named.conf even after configuring the dns server from imanager.
/var/opt/novell/log/named/ had
07-Mar-2012 16:26:07.277 general: main: notice: starting BIND 9.3.2 -u named
07-Mar-2012 16:26:07.319 general: dns/db: critical: Unable to login Error code:-223
07-Mar-2012 16:26:07.320 general: dns/db: critical: Failed to load RRs of rootserver zone with error -112
07-Mar-2012 16:26:07.320 general: dns/hints: warning: Loading Root data from directory Failed
07-Mar-2012 16:26:07.321 general: server: info: loading configuration from '/etc/opt/novell/named/named.conf'
07-Mar-2012 16:26:07.321 config: isccfg/parser: error: none:0: open: /etc/opt/novell/named/named.conf: file not found
07-Mar-2012 16:26:08.359 general: dns/db: critical: Unable to login Error code:-223
07-Mar-2012 16:26:08.359 network: interfacemgr: info: dns_edir_get_multival has returned error inside store_dnsserver_ip_address:25
07-Mar-2012 16:26:08.359 network: interfacemgr: error: Error occured while updating the IP list of the DNS server object:25
07-Mar-2012 16:26:08.359 general: server: critical: loading configuration: file not found
07-Mar-2012 16:26:08.359 general: server: critical: exiting (due to fatal error)
What I ended up doing was copied the options { } bit from the already up and running DSFW server into the new one, adjusted the edir object names and then novell-named would start and keep running.
It was however still giving login errors in the logfile, after remembering it used the servers commonproxy user I ran '/opt/novell/proxymgmt/bin/ -A yes' (you can find this in crontab already) and then everything started to work for real after restarting novell-named.

Somewhere along the line it lost the correct password for the proxy user but there is hardly any indication of this, it gave me enough searching around to post this :-)
The manual creation of the named.conf file is *probably* not needed, but mentioning it just in case.

also, it is safe to ignore the 'unable to authenticate to ldap with <insert AD with DC= credentials here>' error you get when your eDir ldap server you are using to install eDir is not a DSFW server, this gave me a 'hmmmm' moment too.