I have my project started - hardware only upgrade. Have a new server with the same amount of disk space. I have set up the destination server in pre-migration mode. I know that the copying of the data is going to take the longest so when I saw this in the CoolSolutions Wiki "Note: Step 1 is mandatory. You have to run it at least once in order to be able to continue your migration. If however you decide to use a different way of copying you rdata, you can simply do an "empty" run of step 1 where you don't select any data to be copied." I thought I would pre-copy all of my data and then syncronize it (changed files) right before I do the actual migration. But then I was looking at the help for the migration wizard itself and see this "Important: If you do not choose to migrate a certain volume, when eDirectory is mgrated from the source server to the destination server, you will lose the trustee assignments for the volume that you chose not to migrate." So am I completely on the wrong track? Must I use the migration wizard to do the copying?