I setup a new ZCM server in our DMZ and set it as a child of our Primary. I should have 80 and 443 open into the DMZ from the internet and 80, 443, and 2638 open from the DMZ to the Primary. I cannot get the inventory from the workstation to the Primary...it seems to be stuck at the DMZ server.

I installed the agent on a workstation outside of the network and it installed fine, registered and I can send bundles to it no problem. I cannot get the inventory to show up in ZCC under the device. On the workstation it shows the inventory and that is was uploaded...tried several times with scan now.
According to the Log on the workstation, the inventory was uploaded to the DMZ server.
 [DEBUG] [03/07/2012 19:33:19.702] [1424] [ZenworksWindowsService] [45] [swindmiller] [InventoryManager] [] [WifSender.UploadFile: successfully uploaded to http://correctDMZ-IP/zenworks-fileupload/?type=inventory&filename=1331166799-53a0c774a6349670b91f93dfb92fabf1-delta.zip] [] [] 
 [DEBUG] [03/07/2012 19:33:19.702] [1424] [ZenworksWindowsService] [45] [swindmiller] [InventoryManager] [] [WifSender.UploadFileZF: waiting 10 seconds before deleting zip file] [] []
I can send the whole log if that will help.

As I said it looks like the inventory makes it to the DMZ server but does not get passed to the Primary. This is as far as I can get, my troubleshooting skills are limited.
Where can I look or what can I try?

I tried looking for the inventory zip file on the DMZ server but could not find it...not even sure if I should be able to see it. I looked thru some of the logs on both servers but could not find anything. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it...I am so close!!!