Hello all. I had a server crash in, and had to rip it out of all replicas due to not being able to take it our the nice way (server completly unbootable) Anyways, I had to xlean things up, bring it back into the tree, and reconfigure services etc. Long story short, I have pretty much everything going, but need to get Cifs going now. I reconfigured it with YaST2, and have it running, but I notice that during the reconfiguration, it says LOCAL NCP server (Which is a greyed out field that usually points to a context where the NCP server that holds cifs is located) I was able to reconfigure everything in YaSt2 except this field, and as a result I don't think Cifs is working properly. I compared it to a configuration on another server that is logging cifs users in, and sure enough, that same field LOCAL NCP server is greyed out BUT it has the RIGHT contect ou=schoolname, o=org. Does anyone know how to change the local NCP when the field is greyed out, I think if I can get the right NCP contect in there, my users will be able to authenticate.

Thanks in advance for any advice.