we found a problem on changing the optional condition at a forward rule:

when you want to change an existing forward rule (that is working perfectly) the recipient (TO will change to another user with the same surname in the background.

in our case:

multiple domains in our gw system (e.g. @abc.com, @xyz.com, ...)

allowed internet addressing of 1st user: smith@abc.com
allowed internet addressing of 2nd user: john.smith@xyz.com

When the forward rule first was defined for "Smith, John" (selected from GW Addressbook) as recipient, and if you then change the optional condition, the GW will change the recipient from john.smith@xyz.com to smith@abc.com in the background.

The email then will be sent to the wrong user (smith@abc.com).

If there is no user with the internet addressing format smith@abc.com in the gw system the webaccess client will bring up an error code "D101: User not on post office".

You can see the wrong email address in the rule configuration of the gw client but not in the rule configuration of the webaccess.

It will not happen, when you enter the whole email address (e.g. john.smith@xyz.com).

the problem was tested and comprehended in german and english version of gw webaccess (sry don't speak more languages).

Best regards,