I currently have an admin/Medical site A, with a bordermanager server
acting as the master site-to-site VPN, and Dental site B, the slave site.
In six months, I need to add site C, which will have medical and dental
functions. Some users at site C need to access the medical database
server at site A and other users need to acceess the dental database
server at site B, so I really need a site-to-site vpn connection from site
C to both A and B. Can I make site C a master S2S vpn server and connect
to both B and C as slaves? Should I make all three Masters? The dental
vendor says it will be too slow to connect C to A and have another hop to
B. They suggest moving the dental server to A, but that seems clunky,
since 95% of it's users are at site B. Looks like it would be fairly easy
to limit which subnets route across which links, but are there other