I'm so frustrated with bundle troubleshooting.

A) For a bundle with multiple (many) actions, I can watch the progress, and I see "Installing x of y", I get an idea of the part that is failing. So if x=7, how do I know what the "7th action" is of a particular bundle?

B) So I look at the log, and I see this:
[BundleManager] [ActionHandlers.RunScriptHandler.ProgramErrorWithExplaination] [An error occurred while executing the program. Error is: A duplicate file name exists, or the file
cannot be found.
] [] [f76bf5c77c6bdbe2c67feff7b4daad82]
Ok, I understand that it's some script, but how do I find which bundle and which script?

C) Likewise, I can view message details of a bundle, but there's no reference to *what* in the bundle is having the trouble.

Seems like there's plenty of logging going on, but it falls short in providing essential details of the source of the error.