We have a couple of PCs which do not show with correct version in ZCC.

I have checked the local system-update logs: everything seems to be ok. NO Errors reported. system-update.log tells me at the end:
And the PC had been rebooted several times since. Some of the workstation objects in ZCC show in field "ZENworks Agent Version: 10.3.4" but still have "Update for ZCM (10.3.4): Update Assigned" in the field "Assigned System Updates" and of course the workstation shows up in the "Pending" list.

Locally on the PCs I do not see anything wrong, everything seems to be 10.3.4.

I already tried to "Cancel Deployment" for all devices and than "Deploy Updates to Devices" and than "Deploy System Updates to All Devices in the Management Zone" and also tried "Deploy System Updates to Selected Devices in the Management Zone" with the problematic PCs.

How can I force the correct update to these devices?